2.0.5 Patch Notes

Introduce new locks, reintroduce the gibson hypercluster, fix bugs & more!

  • context.rows now available
  • context.rows and context.cols are set in bot runs
  • update unity version; potentially fixes memory leak in client
  • turtle sys class specification added
  • sys lockscore descriptors added
  • DATA_CHECK locks added
  • corps.* scripts are now scriptable at nullsec
  • gibson hypercluster unlocked
  • cron_bot_v4 & CON_A5V4H available in t4
  • fix autos.reset CRYPTIC ERROR
  • sys.specs has max_gc, upgrades loaded and upgrade slot counts
  • scriptors can be nested in arrays and subobjects on the cli
  • ctx.rows & ctx.cols available in scriptors
  • fix for sys_id and account_id errors
  • sys.expose_upgrades now returns i:x in subscript calls
  • add notifications for 'last log' of binmat to players and bots
  • changed 'already connected to...' hardline chain error message to be a bit more clear
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