2.0.4 Patch Notes


Fixes for 2.0.0 launch issues, gui.size improvements, binmat, balance and more!

  • Fixes for binmat cases which incorrectly eat antes
  • added additional smaller sizes to gui.size
  • added additional size steps to gui.size
  • fix hardline counts for vlanners (256 at all tiers)
  • increase binmat stability
  • sys.specs shows next hardline acquire, shows hardline count
  • sys.specs shows if binmat shell is activated
  • additional data sent out to binmat bots (usernames -> slots map, binlog)
  • additional data sent out to binmat players (usernames -> slots map)
  • fix binmat breach notifications not getting sent out (stuck breachstate in client)
  • sys.init carries over any hardlines already earned which your tier can still hold
  • fixed binmat issue with sticky bounces
  • binmat.c shows current autobrain if set
  • binmat.c no longer errors when setting to same autobrain that was already set
  • chats.send takes c & name as alternate param for channel
  • 32bit exe is available in windows build (Replace the entire game directory with what is inside the file. You will need to do this every update to the game client.)
  • security fixes
  • binmat defenders cannot draw out their own lanes to lose
  • esc key cancels /auto
  • pgup/pgdown fixed in text windows
  • slashes and double quotes are escaped in the chat window
  • fix for tab going between cli parameters
  • accts.transactions no longer shows up empty incorrectly
  • fix delp
  • networking layer refactor (should improve reliability)
  • vfx scales better with gui.size
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