1.4.10s2 Patch Notes

  • Server power has increased dramatically. The amount of work that can be done in a single script run has improved in many cases by 4x
    • This increases the responsiveness of the server in many aspects.
    • To account for the improved processing performance the 'max script run' timeout will be reduced.
    • This reduction in timeout will be done over a period of time to iron out issues that come up from that reduction.
    • The first reduction will be on Feb 12th, 2018 to 4000ms from current 5000ms
  • _START has been aliased to _ST
    • _START is (new Date()).getTime() which was created at the beginning of script execution.
  • _TIMEOUT has been aliased to _TO
    • _TIMEOUT is a number in milliseconds for the current script timeout
    • players should switch to using scripts.lib's can_continue_execution or a combination of _START and _TIMEOUT to check whether there is time left in the current run to continue executing code instead of any hardcoded timeout ms value.
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