1.4.2 patch notes

Major changes / features:

  • xfer_gc_to is now rate-limited in short bursts as well as with hourly caps
  • high-value users may have their locs released into npc corps
    • 'high-value' specifics to be determined by player investigation
    • 'may have' specifics to be determined by player investigation
  • tier 3 npc corps
  • new locks
  • #G allows storing of state across multiple calls of the same script (similar to #FMCL)
  • access_log, upgrade_log, transactions, and expose_* versions have 'start' and 'count' for capturing subrange of elements
  • +-! text coloring blocks are no longer supported, use `Vx`, `Cx`, and `Nx` respectively 



  • rarity 0 & 1 upgrades show SN
  • data added to access_log & upgrade_log
  • multiple logs are posted for market batch purchases
  • market.browse{i:} can take an array
  • data added to sys.upgrades output
  • uploading a script tells you whether it's public or private
  • sys.specs tells you sys tier
  • other mysteries!
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