In-game scripting environment

I strongly encourage players to help me secure the boundaries of the games' scripting engine and sandbox. Its security improves the game for everyone.

Players that discover ways to eval code, or to call protected database methods or otherwise circumvent or exploit cracks in the wall and send them to will be rewarded in game.

Exploiting found sandbox exploits creates more work for me and is not permitted. These cases will be judged very harshly. Please help me make this game, not prevent me from making it.

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    It's kind of hard to probe for possible exploits without a "safe" target. Any possibility of having a test server (either on your end or runnable locally) that we could safely hammer at without disrupting the game for everyone or possibly doing bad things to your server?

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    I'd love to do that @Nght-- minspec for 'production' server is hundreds of dollars a month to run, though. It's not likely to happen any time soon as I am still working to get the main servers sustainably covered.

    I'm less interested in 'hammer at' exploits and issues; I'm looking for evals & sandbox escapes-- which are -very hard- to exploit accidentally.

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