1.4.8 Patch Notes

  • client multiline selection
  • /auto in the client allows you to repeat your last command
    • press a key to interrupt
  • context.cols now available
    • available in scripts, gives you the current columns of the client window running your script
    • scripts.lib provides columnize, a slow method to format an array of strings as columns fit to context.cols
  • sys.breach
    • nullsec, breaches sys with confirm:true
  • #D added for outputting debug from scripts
    • #D("string") will set script to output "string" even if an error occurs during execution (timeout, etc)
    • multiple calls will add to result array
    • #D output suppresses normal output
  • channel_count_vX upgrades added
    • allows you to increase the number of channels your user is in
  • user usage has updated
    • active users are ordered alphabetically
    • retired users are ordered reverse chronologically based on retire date
    • dark grey active users are still in the vLAN
  • username and scriptname lengths have been reduced to 25 characters
  • webchat usability updates
  • client font updates (more readable)
  • many content
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