1.4.6 Patch Notes

  • sys.upgrades split into multiple scripts
    • sys.upgrades lists your upgrades HIGHSEC
    • sys.upgrades filter param now takes a filter object {loaded:true, type:"script_space", chars:500}
    • sys.upgrades now changes to full output by adding full:true
    • sys.upgrades i param filters on index i:[0,1,3]
    • sys.upgrades info:arr no longer exists, use i:arr, full:true
    • sys.manage lets you unload/load/reorder MIDSEC
    • sys.manage allows simultaneous unload & load (unload first)
    • sys.cull lets you destroy upgrades with i:0 LOWSEC
  • authentication error spam fix
  • chat channel fixes
  • fix chat notification spam in client
  • security fixes
  • server stability fixes
  • mystery content... duh
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