1.4.5 patch notes

  • gui.chats { shell:<true or false>, chat:<true or false> }
    • moves chat output to either the shell subwindow, chat subwindow, both or none
    • chats in chat subwindow also silence notification sounds for chats
  • gui.quiet { add:\"<username optional>\", remove:\"<username optional>\", list:<true optional>, clear:<true optional> }
    • allows you to 'quiet' users in your gui, currently only applies to chats
    • list shows you your current list
    • clear will empty your list
  • chat notifications only come in batches of 250 to game client, expire older chat notifications. 
  • "script is private" is now a runtime error. changes seclevel of dependents to NULLSEC. follows "script doesn't exist", and "script not loaded" patterns
  • market.browse now allows filtering on seller, listed_before/after and any upgrade stats, including rarity, chars, etc
  • GC caps extend to t2 (5BGC) and t3 (5TGC) systems now. glocks on full accts unlock without xferring.
  • escrow and market pay out every minute
  • improved npc -> player 'interactions'
  • show active user when 'user' is run
  • add coloring for key:<suggestion text> pairs
  • glam upgrades
  • performance improvements
  • stability improvements
  • security improvements
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