1.4.10s1 Patch Notes

  • inactivity auto-retirement of users is now gated on account activity instead of user activity
    • Loading the game will reset account inactivity and prevent user retirement for 60 days
    • chatapi usage will also reset account inactivity
    • if you are reading this and are concerned for your users, do either of the above things or both
  • lock rotation does not send notification unless resetting from breach
  • lock rotation leaves log in access log
  • sys.cull now shows up in upgrade log
  • #db cursor allows .distinct(<key name>) now
    • distinct returns the distinct values for the given keyname in the database
    • example #db.f({}).distinct("name") returns array of values ["name1", "name2", etc]
  • server hardware upgrades
  • system clock time error is more descriptive
  • market.sell adds a no_notify flag
    • listings marked as no_notify will not alert players that their listing is going to expire.
    • no_notify defaults to true when market.sell is called as a subscript (will not notify)
    • no_notify defaults to false when run from the cli (will notify)
    • passing the no_notify argument to market.sell can force either state over the default
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