1.4.4 patch notes

  • Chat api added
    • use 'chat_pass' to get a one-time password in game-client

endpoint; input; output

get_token; {"pass":"#chat_pass password"}; {"chat_token":"token"}

account_data; {"chat_token":"token"}; {"ok":true,"users":{"user1":{"channel1":["channel member 1","channel member 2",...],"channel2":[....],...}, "user2":{"channel1":[...],"channel2":[...],...},...}}

chats; {"chat_token":"token","usernames":["username1","username2",...],"before":optional,"after":optional}; {"ok":true,"chats":{"username1":[{"id":id,"t":time,"channel":channel,"from_user":fromuser,"to_user":to_user,"msg":msg,"is_join":true,"is_leave":true},...], "username2":[...]},"invalidUsernames":["i","maybe","forgot","key"]}

chat_history; {"chat_token":"token","username":"username1","channel":"channel1", "before":seconds_with_frac,"after":seconds_with_frac}; {"ok":true,"chats":[{"id":id,"t":time,"channel":channel,"from_user":fromuser,"to_user":to_user,"msg":msg,"is_join":true,"is_leave":true},...]}

create_chat; {"chat_token":"token","username":"from","channel":"channel" OR "tell":"user","msg":msg}; {"ok":true}

    • js client api code:
    • cURL command example (windows or linux quoting): curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"pass\":\"abcde\"}"
    • chat tokens expire after 45 days
    • use 'chat_revoke_tokens' in game-client to revoke all tokens
  • web chat client
    • file issues and contribute fixes:
    • 'works' on mobile, too
  • darken 0-rarity (noob) color
  • speed up client poll rates
  • scripts.ensure_Xsec now available to explicitly set security ratings
  • stability fixes
  • update rate now equiv to 
  • hardline is now required for sys.* pvp scripts
  • xfer_gc_from upgrades now have amount caps
  • other balance changes
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