1.4.10 Patch Notes


  • new subscript call notation #<seclevel letter or number>s.username.scriptname(
    • using this notation will be required for all scripts after Thursday Oct 19, 2017 11:59 Pacific Time
    • example usage: #ms.accts.xfer_gc_to(), #fs.chats.tell(), #3s.sys.specs()
    • security level is a minimum security level requirement for the call
    • if the script which is called has a security level that is below the requirement, an error is returned. {ok:false, msg:"Security level guarantee failed: subscript sys.loc 1 < user.testlevel required 4"}
    • this does not apply to scriptors, they are still #s.uname.script
  • #up dry
    • allows you a 'dry-run' of your script upload
    • will check errors, security level, char counts, slots, but will not modify server state of the script
  • #up shift
    • allows you to shift sectors
  • #down
    • downloads a server copy of a script to your local machine
    • if the script exists local, it will create a .down.js file side by side with the local copy
    • the .down.js file will be overwritten by subsequent #down calls with no confirmation prompt
  • performance improvements
  • stability fixes
  • balance changes
  • fixes to tutorial coloring
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