1.4.3 patch notes

minor changes:

  • fixed missed ++ -- !!
  • adjust loc leaking
  • l0g_wr1t3r changes
  • error message for 'too complex of script'
  • break up scripts.get_access_level into pieces
  • multi-insert available; use #db.i with array of objects to insert them all in one op.
  • account loc (npc shadow loc) no longer tracks your users on an account
  • usac change
  • t3 ups: expose_upgrades and xfer_upgrade_from now listed on market by trust
  • quite a few stability & security fixes
  • sys.scripts no longer take users as targets, only system locs
  • chats.join / leave now midsec
  • escrow.stats & market.stats now scriptable
  • sys.specs now shows you script stats and system tier when you have no upgrades on the system
  • trust.scripts are now colored differently (accts.balance, scripts.fullsec, etc)
  • shutdown does not need to have a user selected
  • long command line input is now wrapped
  • first draft subwindow resizing (chats, main shell, etc)
  • macros can take arguments. use c# string.Format style strings. e.g. /c=chats.send {{ channel: "0000", msg: {0} }}
  • color arrays in key-value pairs
  • show path that will be opened with #dir and #edit
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